2024 is well and truly here. For many this year has been a prompt to delve into how we can work smarter. That is how we can find more juiciness in our day, work in flow, maximise our productivity, and work WITH our brains. For that reason, I would like to share with you some of my favourite SIMPLE systems that I use in my life and business. Some of these are so simple you might not have ever thought to call it a ‘system’. ⁣

In my viewpoint, a system consists of the processes or tools that we put in place to be able to get a job done. Sometimes that might look like a shiny CRM system or all the techy automations. And sometimes that might look like recording notes on your phone so you don’t forget them. You might call these #lifehacks but to me – these are the simple systems that are my go-to strategies to accommodate my brain. ⁣

Time Management ⁣

  • Google Calendar is your friend! Set up subcategories of Business, Life, Time Blocking, and anything else that might be helpful for you. Be sure that your booking system can read all of these calendars so you don’t get double booked. Then, pop the events where they belong. ⁣
  • Share the events! Either share a calendar or simply invite the members of your household who need to know that commitment is on. Do the kids need to go to the orthodontist? Share that! Because while you may take them now you are both aware the funds are coming up and that someone else needs to make dinner. ⁣
  • Use the ‘travel time’ function on G-Cal events to give yourself the transition time to get ready. I block out an hour for ‘travel’ so no other calendar events can impede my ability to get myself out of the door. ⁣
  • Want more flow? Try blocking your period off your available calendar. Create space. ⁣

Task Management ⁣

  • Keep things out in the open if they effectively vanish into a black hole when put away. My diary lives open on my desk and while all the big ticket stuff is in ClickUp I still chunk down my to-do list for myself, my business and for my clients into my diary every week in addition. This is especially relevant if you need a pen on paper to process. If you have a fancy planner you love but forget about find a way to put it in front of you.⁣
  • Use alarms and reminders. I still have a rolling reminder in my phone to check my 90-day plan because I forget otherwise. ⁣
  • Message yourself things you need to remember or follow up on. I know it sounds corny – but it can be really helpful. AND it is a handy way to move things from desktop to mobile device and vice versa. ⁣
  • Summarise voice notes and message conversations with a few keywords so that you can pull that exact message up in a search later on. Saves a bunch of time and makes it so much easier to find that note that you are looking for.⁣

Self Care and Mindset Hacks⁣

  • Forget about doing affirmations or verse memorisation? Make it as in your face as possible. I have used the shortcuts/automation on my phone to send me a note every time I unplug my phone. And I get the awesome daily text message affirmations from Shona Gates (get yours here)⁣
  • An emotional support water bottle that follows you everywhere! If being out of sight and out of mind means you forget to drink – bring the water to you! ⁣
  • Automated bank transfers have taken the pressure off finances so much. We have tallied how much bills cost a year and calculated what the weekly portion is. Each week that gets moved into a bills account as well as an amount for each child and for savings. It might take a little while for the accounts to build momentum but automating these transfers was key to consistency for us. ⁣
  • Goals on Lockscreen and Desktop Background! I cannot count how many different ways I have tried to set goals over the years. Somehow I always got sidetracked and lost that connection. Instead – I stuck my goal somewhere I look at them dozens of times a day! On my phone lock screen! And – I made a free, 100% editable version for you to use too! Head to this post and comment ‘Wallpaper’, you will get the details in your inbox.

Most of these feel so simple and many of them are not related to the techy ‘systems’ you may have been thinking of. But each of these serves a role in helping our family function while working, studying, homeschooling and running multiple businesses. To me, these are the simple systems that make my life easier! Let me know if any of these are new ideas for you and if they help! ⁣

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