The Missing Piece

of your business

Business is like a puzzle…

…one missing piece and it can be a big problem.

That’s where Knock On Wood Virtual Assistance comes in: I’m your business’ missing piece.

Let me stand beside you, a business owner with a service that makes an IMPACT in the lives of other women, and give you the confidence to know that the back end of your business is under control. Your business needs are unique. Let’s build the systems for business that work for you and combine that with juicy, aligned copy that speaks to your audience. 

Hi, I’m Sarah Wooden!

I am your solution to all the struggle, planning, and implementation problems you have in your business right now. I bring you ease and make business feel GOOD again!

I have always been in the business of bringing people together with what they need and want. As a kid, I used to buy a bulk bag of a treat, and then sell the individual pieces for a profit, always keeping a running ledger of my costs versus profits, of course!

I have a background in admin work, management, retail and of course customer service. One day I offered to help a business owner I knew was struggling to keep afloat. I helped her with all of her logistics: emails, social media, systems for business, onboarding, collaboration – everything she struggled with. And I loved it!

This was when I knew that my passion was to help overworked and tired business owners find organisation, peace, and freedom! I love to lift the heavy weight and burden most mums and entrepreneurs feel off of their shoulders. It brings me joy.

My support gives my lovely clients their freedom – and often – their joy back.  Which as it turns out is one of my greatest pleasures. I love to see you thrive in business and build confidence!

Are you ready to get started?

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Knock on Wood Virtual Assistance acknowledges the traditional custodians of these beautiful lands we live, work, and play on.

We express gratitude to the Wadawurrung people for their past, present, and future care of this earth, the waterways, and the local trees which fill our hearts with joy.

Knock on Wood Virtual Assistance also acknowledges that the Wadawurrung people will forever have a connection to this land – always.