Want to Know My Secret to Managing My Time as a Small Business Owner?

Having the Toggl Track sitting right in front of me on my desktop!

As a VA tracking my time is especially important as I need to manage my time spent inside of multiple projects. Be that a weekly quote of hours or sticking to a budget for a project. But it is also helpful for me to track my won tasks too!

I especially love the mini desktop timer as it sits on my screen and I can SEE the name of the tasks that I am working on – it is almost like sticking a sticky note beside me with a priority list. This is invaluable for me as it helps me stay focused as I have a constant visual reminder in front of me. I don’t know about you but some days it is really easy to forget what you were actually doing, especially if you have children at time.

I also find that the desktop timer helps me manage my time with precision so I know how long I have left to finish a task or if I’m testing how long a new service takes.

Other features?

Toggle Track also allows me to set up projects and then record the time spent on each task within those projects. So for example you might add your admin as a project and then record the time you spend on emails, bookings, website maintenance, record keeping etc.

I find this essential as a #virtualassistant and as a business owner too. It is actually part of my onboarding process when I set up a new client. I ensure that each new client is added to my Toggl account and that I create their projects (ie blogs, social media, general etc).

Most of all I love that this is a free tool! And that it integrates so well with my Project Management tools! Toggl Track is my secret to managing how I spent my time in my business and in client projects. I’d love to know if you use this already and if you have developed your own system to manage your projects and tasks.