In this episode, I’m sharing my experience with burnout in 2024 and the impact it had on business and personal life. We have to talk about the importance of recognizing and managing chronic illness and understanding your own capacity.

This year actually saw me needing to take emergency leave and communicate with clients about struggles. Maybe this is something you might need yourself? 

This episode also highlights the weight of the mental load carried by business owners and the importance of restructuring and refocusing energy. May this be the encouragement you need to focus on self-care and make necessary changes to prevent burnout.

Also: note for listeners. Axel is a 35kg, 1year old foster dog not a child. And he wandered into my office while I was recorded so please excuse a tiny bit of background noise! 


  • Recognize and manage chronic illness and understand your capacity.
  • Take emergency leave when necessary and communicate with clients about struggles.
  • Be mindful of the mental load carried by business owners and support team members.
  • Restructure and refocus your energy to prevent burnout.
  • Join support networks, adapt, and make changes to improve your well-being.

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