The next system to look at is your calendar and booking system! If you have any capacity where you work with people in person or via calls then this one is essential. 

One of my very first clients had a strong, steady business. But she lost so much time manually checking her calendar, booking people in, sending Zoom links and emailing forms. Setting up a booking system AND hooking in a form saved her HOURS every single week. 

But… if you have a wobbly calendar system you still have risk of double booking things, overfilling your day or not having enough time for the session needs. 

In this episode:

  • Check your home life and business calendars are set up and populated with the blocks for when you are NOT available
  • Check if your booking system is synced to the right calendars!
  • Check if your booking system has the right appointment types with the right space before and after sessions
  • Check if reminders are working
  • Check if you have the right information before a session

Now you have a basic audit you can spot the gaps and build a stronger system! 

Need a hand? Book a 1:1 hour with me and we can go through your calendar together 😉 This is the perfect task to tackle chaos and make your weeks feel more cohesive. 

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May your coffee be hot and your week fulfilling,

Sarah Wooden

Sarah Wooden - systems strategist, coach and copywriter, knock on wood virtual assistance

Hello! I am Sarah Wooden, your systems and integrations wizard! I am here to help you do everything you need to make your business more successful, more sustainable, and more joy-filled!

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