Strategy and Coaching Call

Wearing all the hats in business can get overwhelming!

Trying to work out where to start, what to do next
or HOW to actually action a task but getting nowhere?

Let’s do this together!

A woman with long brown hair sits at a desk and stares off into the distance

You might be feeling stuck and need some help to overcome a mental obstacle, be looking for the right program for your business or want to talk about how you could streamline your business with automations. Let’s take an hour together to talk through your goals and build a strategy of what steps to take next to cultivate growth and freedom in your business.

This is the perfect time to

  • review all the moving parts in your business
  • brainstorm the techy bits and automation
  • find the one project to do next that will make the biggest difference
  • gain confidence in yourself, your vision and your business direction

Ready to find more time, simplify repetitive tasks
and have clarity on ‘the next right step’.

So… how does this work?

You bring your burning questions and we will spend an hour together over zoom finding solutions. It’s a bit like a choose-your-own adventure really! 

I’m here for it! You will get a questionnaire from me in advance so I know all about you so we can dig right in! Ready? Let’s go 😉 





My sessions with Sarah are beyond amazing! As a solo entrepreneur, I am largely alone in my business so have no one to throw ideas around with. Working with Sarah has allowed me to do exactly that. She actively listens, parrots back what I have said, and helps me to structure my many ideas into a clear plan. What I love about this in particular is that she doesn’t force her ideas upon me. Instead, these sessions act as a clarification session and help me to move forward into action with a clear head.

Sarah has been an incredible help in supporting many aspects of my business that felt too hard or overwhelming for me. Her ability to be fully present, see my vision, and support me in bringing that to life never ceases to amaze me. I am so grateful for Sarah and her ability to bring calm and clarity in a beautifully empathic way. As someone who works alone in their business, having her there has been the best decision for my wellbeing and keeping projects flowing.

Crystal Hardstaff
The Gentle Counsellor

Knock on Wood Virtual Assistance acknowledges the traditional custodians of these beautiful lands we live, work, and play on.

We express gratitude to the Wadawurrung people for their past, present, and future care of this earth, the waterways, and the local trees which fill our hearts with joy.

Knock on Wood Virtual Assistance also acknowledges that the Wadawurrung people will forever have a connection to this land – always.