As a business owner, you are used to wearing all the hats and doing all the things. But here is the thing; unfortunately hustle culture tells business owners that they need to be hustling allll the time. Which is a really great way to end up burnt out and no longer passionate about your business. Undoing that mindset AND bringing on some help through outsourcing are really key strategies to building a business a stable business in flow and creating something that is joyfully scaleable. So let’s talk about what a virtual assistant can do for you! ⁣

I typically ask business owners these questions⁣
-What is the one thing you resist (or just flat-out hate) doing?⁣
-What is the one thing that takes you the MOST amount of time?⁣
-What is the one thing in your business that just doesn’t feel good?⁣

This is typically a pretty good place to start questioning what a Virtual Assistant might be able to help you with as it shows me the areas of your business that are 1) costing you time (and time is money!), 2) causing you to procrastinate and lose momentum and 3) areas that might be a bit clunky and need someone else’s skills to finetune (eg taking 15 steps to take on a new client for example)⁣

The thing is that every virtual assistant has a different skill set!

From marketing, data entry, launch management, customer service, content creation, bookkeeping, website development, technical edits, research and much more the list is huge. Basically, if you are willing to bring virtual support into your business there is a good chance that a virtual assistant can help you with what you need done. ⁣


Virtual Assistants are like tradies. You don’t need a plumber to put a new light in right? A key piece of the puzzle when working out what a virtual assistant CAN do for you is working out WHAT you need help with so you can bring on the right Virtual Assistant for your small business. ⁣

My passion is in taking a step back and looking at your business. We check on what is working, what is not, and how we can simplify and automate processes. Then build the systems that work for you complete with the copy for the email automation, templated replies, and forms that you need.

And I LOVE hearing you say “I don’t know how you did that – but it is magic”⁣

So what can a VA do for you? Well, that depends. Look at the areas of your business you are resisting and find a rockstar who can make that load lighter! Be it marketing, inbox management, design, data entry, website updates, or system design. ⁣

If you need help working out what to outsource I’d love to help. Click here to book a short chat with me, or if you are ready to really dig in we can jump right to a juicy 1hr call together.

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