Bringing help in to support you in your business is such an incredible step! As business owners, we tend to wear ALLLL THE HATS and truthfully – it doesn’t serve us well as a general rule. You can’t do all the things, do them well AND maximise your time by working in your zone of genius. Bringing in help allows you to grow, scale, reduce overwhelm and fill gaps. But do you how to get ready for outsourcing? 

How do I know if I’m ready for a VA?

The first thing to ask is if you actually want help. Are you ready to trust someone else to complete tasks within your business? Your VA is ready to step in and have your back – but you have to be able to share your tasks, your vision and access to your programs. You need to be ready to let go just a little bit and TRUST.

This is why it is SO important to find someone you gel with! Personally – I think you need to have similar values in general but at a minimum similar values around your services and/or products. Especially if your VA is creating social media content or writing blogs, articles, or website content. To be able to trust the outsourcing process you need to trust that they are speaking from a place of alignment too.

Knowing What to Outsource

The second thing to ask is what is the one area of business you wish you could pass on to someone else so you could focus on the parts of your business that you LOVE. How much time does this task take you? How much potential income could this be if you were spending that time on other functions in your business? Or, if you were to spend this free time with family – how incredible would it make your week feel?

Your budget doesn’t actually have to be huge. You could bring on a VA for just a couple of hours a week/month. Or you could start with a small reoccurring task.

Getting Ready for Outsourcing to Your First Virtual Assistant

Once you know that you are ready to let someone in, you know what you need help with AND you know what budget you have to work with now it is time to get ready for them! 

  • Do you have assets such as your brand kit and photos ready for them? 
  • Do you know where to find and how to share any information they need for their tasks such as passwords, files, examples, software, or guidelines? 
  • Can you communicate your processes on how things currently happen or template any wording that they might use? 
  • Can you communicate your brand goal, needs and target audience? 
  • Are you open to feedback and change? Remember you are outsourcing to help you and that might mean you are given some suggestions on how to fine-tune. Do you need to do some journaling on self-worth first?

If you need some help working out where to start, what your goals are, what you actually need help with and how to communicate it all then you may need to start with some coaching and strategy first! If this sounds like you I would LOVE to help you – book here! One of the things I LOVE to do is to step beside you and help you draw all the thoughts out into a plan. Then we can look top down at your business and come up with a plan that works for you and your vision.

It is ok to not have all the answers. And it it ok to need help! You don’t need to know it all or do it all. Use the skills and experience that others have to help guide you and free up your time. THAT is the true magic of outsourcing. 

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