Here to help you create space, freedom, and alignment in your business through the magic of intentional systems, strategies, and automations.

Sarah Wooden

Find The Magic In Your Business!

Does everything just feel hard sometimes?

Like you are overwhelmed and cant get everything done?

You are on a mission! You have a vision to create impact and are ready to put the work in!
But no matter how hard you try the little important tasks
seem to fall through the through the cracks.

Juggling mum life and supporting your clients can make your head spin.
All of this leaves you with absolutely no time or brain space
to even come up with a better plan or solution.

Ready to find the magic again?

Im here to bring back your ease, help you fall back in love with your business,
and make you feel good again!

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How Do We Do This?

We start off by identifying the next steps for your business, working through any blocks that you have, and then forming a plan of action. Then I help you build systems that support your plan and your vision.  

My greatest joy in business is helping you feel like you can breathe again knowing that tasks are ticking over, you have a clear picture of all the moving parts in your business and systems are in place to get you in front of YOUR people!  

Would you like this ease and freedom in your life? With the help of someone who values simplicity and intentionality. Who understands and accepts you and your creative freedom? Then check out my services page here! [hyperlink to your services page]

And if you would like to find out more about me and see just how in sync we are, then check out my about page! [hyperlink to your about page here]

I am Sarah Wooden, your systems and integrations wizard! I am here to help you do everything you need to make your business more successful, more sustainable, and more joy-aligned!

sarah wooden systems support

What My Clients Say…

Oh my gosh! You are a word wizard. I love it. Perfection!

Teresa Tripodi

Sherbet Creations

Sarah is an absolute magician with all things systems and administration! Her presentation is next level! Her communication is fantastic and she keeps my work in order. I really do not know what I’d do without her!

Jo Spies

Jo Spies Homeopath & Doula

Finding Sarah from Knock On Wood Virtual Assistance has been the best thing that happened to my business. Working with Sarah has allowed me to take my business to the next level. The business automation she has set in motion has parts of my business running on autopilot and this has resulted in an increase in organisation, increased productivity, and in turn increased sales and conversions. My email marketing list and social media engagement have more than doubled during the time I have worked with her. Sarah is willing to give every task I throw at her a go and her honesty and communication are excellent. I am grateful to say that Sarah is not only an amazing business asset but has also become a friend and support person too. I do not know what I would do without her! Thank you so much, Sarah.

Simone Pavils

Simone Pavils

Being intentional is the key to Finding the Magic In your business again

Ready to claim back the time to work in your Zone of Genius?

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